<![CDATA[INDUSTRIAL AND LOFT DESIGN - The Store Room Blog]]>Thu, 28 May 2020 03:23:39 +0000Weebly<![CDATA[were busy ... im tired !]]>Sat, 25 Apr 2020 22:18:10 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/were-busy-im-tiredIs it okay to complain a little ? no ? okay nevermind ! 

A huge thanks to everyone whos been keeping us afloat lately , our social distancing measurements are pretty straight forward when your an army of one . Today i spent about 10 hours checking and labeling parcels , pretty intense stuff , but the products themselves , the new ones are great . 

My daughter keeps telling me we should do #unboxing videos of our products as they are a popular thing online apparently . I do get excited to see the new stuff in person so maybe theres something in that . 
<![CDATA[Bird Houses have flown back in]]>Mon, 13 Apr 2020 10:42:57 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/bird-houses-have-flown-back-inFor quite some time we had little or no access to the bird house stock but they are finally back , we will be adding a few more to the range over the coming weeks but at present we have four available options which can be found here
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<![CDATA[Quite possibly my favourite clock ever]]>Sun, 12 Apr 2020 20:17:24 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/quite-possibly-my-favourite-clock-ever
Aeroplane wall clock 6736 ... It landed and immediately i just had too ... absolutely had too order one , i needed to feel it , and admire it and yes ... Love it . I always had this idea as a teenage that i wanted to be a pilot , to fly , to travel  but more than that i loved aeroplanes , i remember robbing my brothers airfix planes and getting in deep trouble for deconstructing them ( and not being able to put them back together ) lol 
That's what i love about this clock , set of clocks , its 3d its also got incredibly well detailed breakdown of the parts making it fun interesting and informative , oh and it tells the time , who knew ! 
<![CDATA[Cast iron penguin moneybox]]>Sun, 12 Apr 2020 17:56:14 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/cast-iron-penguin-moneyboxNew arrival to our Mancave section this week was the very cute cast iron money box in the form of a penguin holding a guinness sign - heavy and hand painted its excellent quality will see this last for generations , these are excellent value at just 35 Euros including delivery 
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<![CDATA[Daily updates now incoming ! ...]]>Sat, 11 Apr 2020 14:45:29 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/daily-updates-now-incomingSo after talking with my good friends who run a local website hosting and management company they have suggested we start posting a lot more on our blog here as it results in good seo and helps people get to know us and our products a bit better so we are going to try and do that starting now .  We will post things we feel are relevant the interiors world , guides on how to care for your purchases , trends and even some links to other people doing some great work here in ireland in the sustainable and ethical fields . 

We brought back our Unfinished range today , it hasnt been available for quite some time but i really love the items available , all are made from natural mahagony or teak woods - very good quality items and most are slightly unique given they are carved from different pieces of wood . The best thing is you can finish them anyway you desire , natural oils and stains look great but you can also paint to your hearts content . We have priced them as well as we could and included delivery so as to make them more affordable to people all accross the country during this lockdown . Many thanks to Fastway couriers for continuing to support our little business with the service they provide and to our supply which we recently procured 
The Uninished Range can be viewed here 
<![CDATA[Yes the lockdown continues but so does our tidying!]]>Sat, 04 Apr 2020 12:00:23 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/yes-the-lockdown-continues-but-so-does-our-tidyingFor the first time in nearly two years i can almost see 100% of the floor in the garage storage space , this week ive had some extra time to clean around , find lost items and hang even more stuff and arrange things in the space in such a way as im almost reluctant to sell the items lol . We are thank full that we are still safe and sound during the lockdown and are still able to semi operate a sort of a spring cleaning sale here . Our suppliers although being a dutch company are based in the uk which makes the current situation difficult for all , we continue to be in contact with them and hope we can get back to some business normality at some point soon , but for now we still have bits and pieces that were previously ordered dribbling in . We are also thank full to Fastway , while we have had issues in the past , the current service and our own personal driver has been excellent to work with , we have new safety process in place for sanitisation of items and parcels before they leave , and safe practices of hand gel and ppe when on our premises 
<![CDATA[Covvid19 Update / Corona Virus]]>Sat, 21 Mar 2020 16:49:44 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/covvid19-update-corona-virusWell its a strange new world we are faced with , Covvid19 is a terrible thing to be living through and i think it is going to change the way the world is going forward , Business's will be massively affected . Currently our business as an online company hasnt had too much of disruption , the supply lines are still open and our couriers while a little busier and slower on the pick ups are still out there keeping things moving . As of january we have made the move from being a sole trader to becoming a Ltd Co , so weve been very busy with all the paper work and accounts that need to be done to get to this point .

​With the lockdown its given me some time to actually catch up on keeping my display in order in the storage area , and hey Liverpool havent won the league yet either so thats also a nice bonus 
All Joking aside though we hope everyone will take this seriously , look out for each other , keep your distance #socialdistancing is a real thing that will help flatten the curve keeping our resources from being too far stretched .  Stay safe 
<![CDATA[Buy A shed - Buy a Cabin - Buy it at Watters !]]>Sat, 10 Nov 2018 15:48:33 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/buy-a-shed-buy-a-cabin-buy-it-at-watters
Dont let the name Watters Garden Sheds fool you , Watters is much more than your average sheds business , Based 5 minutes from the M1 motorway between Drogheda and Dundalk the family run business excels at quality and pricing . They custom build anything from a dog house right up to modern Steel Cabins , sheds , Home Bars , and Bungalows 

With everything else in between its a great adventure , the kids will love the huge range of playhouses and play sets , there is a large indoor shop for garden ware and of course now we have our own little corner display in the now famous Watters Gin Corner ... here are some pictures for you to view .... 
<![CDATA[Eat Drink and Sit on our stuff ! The Belfry Stoneybatter !]]>Sat, 10 Nov 2018 15:14:45 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/eat-drink-and-sit-on-our-stuff-the-belfry-stoneybatter
Welcome to The Belfry Stoneybatter 
We were delighted to help with some outdoor furnishings for The Belfrys outdoor area summer 2017 , the refit of this building has been nothing short of amazing , from top to bottom the regeneration as a venue and the actual area of D7 has been remarkable - Congrats to all involved , each of these pictures has something in common , people enjoying themselves in The Belfry , stoneybatter on or near our furniture - Thanks !