<![CDATA[INDUSTRIAL AND LOFT DESIGN THESTOREROOM.IE - The Store Room Blog]]>Thu, 30 Jul 2020 18:48:09 +0000Weebly<![CDATA[A Break .. well .. kinda]]>Sat, 18 Jul 2020 22:53:56 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/a-break-well-kindaIt now almost seems like last year when Covid began and all the lockdown happened , but as a result i've been so busy during the entirety that for me , its just been work work work . This week brings our now Annual Stock take and clean up which also brings with it the Flash sale to help clear down stock . During the next week , i will still be available by email but existing orders wont be dealt with until Friday at the earliest . All current orders that are in stock will be readied and collected monday morning and the new items arriving are due mid week but wont be processed until friday . Social media comments / queries will be caught up on , so not as responsive 

We have posts scheduled for our social medias so you will still see content and new items / stock back in and who knows i may even take a day off ! In the meantime we got some of our new Artificial flowers into the display in Watters and they really are lovely , adding a nice homely touch to the display . Our very popular Boat wood Larder is now on display as well and being Guarded well by Our knight - Fred ( fearsome name thanks to my daughter ) 
Dont forget you can get a good deal on some of the On Hand stock now in our flash sale which while says for the weekend will run into monday at some point im sure 
<![CDATA[Full Range of framed metal signs now available on our new website Collectibles.ie]]>Mon, 13 Jul 2020 21:49:24 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/full-range-of-framed-metal-signs-now-available-on-our-new-website-collectiblesie
<![CDATA[Rollercoaster of covid]]>Mon, 13 Jul 2020 17:13:01 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/rollercoaster-of-covidPicture
So we are now coming out the far side of what for us as an online business was the rollercoaster rise and now fall of Covid . We are very thankful for the massive increase in interest and business during lockdown and appreciate every customer and friend we've made during this time . Now we are dealing with the other side of the coin , due to a few reasons really the business is now down to a near standstill which for me ( Frank ) has been and is tough to watch

The global lockdown has been a huge factor towards this combined with the easing of restrictions and lockdown and shops re opening , I'm delighted to see many of my friends business's back open and equally worried about how this Journey is progressing for us . Its mentally taxing in different ways , during the peak over optimism suggested we might maintain the level we had reached . All we can do is continue to keep on the road and keep our goals in sight and thank everyone who has supported us .

On a Selfish note , Please , Don't forget us now that shops are open again , we are still here , still trying to offer sustainable and affordable options.

Frank & Joanne

<![CDATA[Updated Display in Watters garden centre , stabannon , ardee, co louth]]>Sat, 27 Jun 2020 13:34:00 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/updated-display-in-watters-garden-centre-stabannon-ardee-co-louthOnce again it was time for an update to the Gin Corner set up in watters garden sheds in stabannon , The corner itself is a premade set up called the Gin Corner that they sell as a flat pack option 999 euros collected or 1200 delivered www.wattersgardensheds.ie 
<![CDATA[TRANSITION to Homedel.ie deliveries]]>Sat, 27 Jun 2020 13:24:41 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/transition-to-homedelie-deliveriesWhat a crazy few months its been for everyone , Covid has changed the world , thank god for that weather and i think our government did an admirable job of a terrible situation especially in comparison to other major so called countries 

Our business is a very strange rollercoaster of emotions lately , from normal times pre covid we some days wondered why we kept going but during covid i wondered when would it stop ! Its been an amazing time , ive met some wonderful new people lately and the level of patience has been amazing considering delay times i was surprised . We have had major issues with our couriers ** loosing ** items , Breaking items and just a lot of general issues with no signatures or phone calls going on . Our first reason as a small opening business to choose Fastway was pricing originally . It has been a hard decision to make a move to a more specialist company in HomeDel.ie but we made the decision based on the fact they base the whole business on care , Care for the customer us and you and the items and handle with care . Yes we've had to pass on some costs on larger items and mirrors but we still try our best to absorb costs but we  could not continue with the loses we were experiencing . 

Worst of all , was trying to get information regarding situations. It  was not happening , which left everyone frustrated  

Thanks to our new friends in www.homedel.ie and we look forward to dealing with them more closely in the future 
<![CDATA[were busy ... im tired !]]>Sat, 25 Apr 2020 22:18:10 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/were-busy-im-tiredIs it okay to complain a little ? no ? okay nevermind ! 

A huge thanks to everyone whos been keeping us afloat lately , our social distancing measurements are pretty straight forward when your an army of one . Today i spent about 10 hours checking and labeling parcels , pretty intense stuff , but the products themselves , the new ones are great . 

My daughter keeps telling me we should do #unboxing videos of our products as they are a popular thing online apparently . I do get excited to see the new stuff in person so maybe theres something in that . 
<![CDATA[Bird Houses have flown back in]]>Mon, 13 Apr 2020 10:42:57 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/bird-houses-have-flown-back-inFor quite some time we had little or no access to the bird house stock but they are finally back , we will be adding a few more to the range over the coming weeks but at present we have four available options which can be found here
​#Birdhouse #Irishbirds #birdwatcher #birdwatchersireland #homebird 
<![CDATA[Quite possibly my favourite clock ever]]>Sun, 12 Apr 2020 20:17:24 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/quite-possibly-my-favourite-clock-ever
Aeroplane wall clock 6736 ... It landed and immediately i just had too ... absolutely had too order one , i needed to feel it , and admire it and yes ... Love it . I always had this idea as a teenage that i wanted to be a pilot , to fly , to travel  but more than that i loved aeroplanes , i remember robbing my brothers airfix planes and getting in deep trouble for deconstructing them ( and not being able to put them back together ) lol 
That's what i love about this clock , set of clocks , its 3d its also got incredibly well detailed breakdown of the parts making it fun interesting and informative , oh and it tells the time , who knew ! 
<![CDATA[Cast iron penguin moneybox]]>Sun, 12 Apr 2020 17:56:14 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/cast-iron-penguin-moneyboxNew arrival to our Mancave section this week was the very cute cast iron money box in the form of a penguin holding a guinness sign - heavy and hand painted its excellent quality will see this last for generations , these are excellent value at just 35 Euros including delivery 
#Mancave #HomeBar #Guinness #Irishowned #smallbusiness #houseandhome #TheStoreRoom 
<![CDATA[Daily updates now incoming ! ...]]>Sat, 11 Apr 2020 14:45:29 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/the-store-room-blog/daily-updates-now-incomingSo after talking with my good friends who run a local website hosting and management company they have suggested we start posting a lot more on our blog here as it results in good seo and helps people get to know us and our products a bit better so we are going to try and do that starting now .  We will post things we feel are relevant the interiors world , guides on how to care for your purchases , trends and even some links to other people doing some great work here in ireland in the sustainable and ethical fields . 

We brought back our Unfinished range today , it hasnt been available for quite some time but i really love the items available , all are made from natural mahagony or teak woods - very good quality items and most are slightly unique given they are carved from different pieces of wood . The best thing is you can finish them anyway you desire , natural oils and stains look great but you can also paint to your hearts content . We have priced them as well as we could and included delivery so as to make them more affordable to people all accross the country during this lockdown . Many thanks to Fastway couriers for continuing to support our little business with the service they provide and to our supply which we recently procured 
The Uninished Range can be viewed here