<![CDATA[INDUSTRIAL AND LOFT DESIGN THESTOREROOM.IE - Blog]]>Sat, 18 Sep 2021 05:41:47 +0000Weebly<![CDATA[The end of one story ...]]>Sun, 29 Aug 2021 15:54:14 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/blog/the-end-of-one-storyAs a famous tv show once said in its theme song ... Thank you for being our friend

The sad news today is that as a business TheStoreRoom.ie is no longer a viable one , Covid , Brexit , a global supply problem and stock shortages and uncertainty has meant that as a small business with less buying power than the big boys we cannot compete . On a personal note its a day of sadness and disapointment for me as the driving force behind this small business for the past five years its a difficult one to take . 

But ive learnt a lot , made some good friends , picked up social media skills and had some interesting and memorable experiences as a result of TheStoreRoom but we go on ... and look forward taking that experience and knowledge forward to the next project . The reaction to our closing posts today has taken us by surprise and the support has been wonderful and uplifting on what should have been a very dreary end to the business so i thank everyone whos reached out 

Thank you and remember you can keep supporting our efforts with our small website www.collectibles.ie and we hope to have another new project in the works soon . 
Frank & Joanne 
<![CDATA[Increasingly difficult stock situation]]>Tue, 15 Jun 2021 09:34:14 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/blog/increasingly-difficult-stock-situationIts been six months now since brexit added to the problems of covid and world wide stock . Today we face a new challenge from our suppliers.
Given the global shortage of transport containers and massive hikes in costs from roughly 2000 euros to 14000 euros per container being shipped two new things are happening in the background for businesses . This will affect all products accross every industry for the foreseable future , stock shortage will be the new norm as wholesale companies struggle to get stock , at competitive prices and in large quantities to forward supply to their own customers , the shops who sell on to the end customer

Covid created a gap in the process , the companies creating shipping containers closed , the manufacturing companies shipped out on hand stock in the remaining containers and then also stopped production . The containers themselves are not viable price wise to ship back to asia and india empty to refill so are not being re used , and now the companies making the containers have hiked prices due to massive demands , and shipping costs have risen very sharply due to less available containers being shipped 

Adding the Suez Container ship crisis delays also has not helped the global situation . The costs of all imported items is set to rise sharply this year and can already be seen in the past few months with some products rising in cost to almost 200% of january pricing , other items are available to order but with 3-6 month wait times 

We are currently looking into ways to avoid this situation by looking at irish suppliers and manufacturers but with raw materials being scarce because of the shipping situation thats also proving difficult.

<![CDATA[And so it begins]]>Mon, 25 Jan 2021 14:35:34 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/blog/and-so-it-beginsIn the last article we spoke about Brexit and the unavoidable costs rising . Its now the end of january and weve had our third delivery in , we are starting to see the new normal trend with additional costs and complications . So the first thing is delivery times have gone from four / five days turn around from a monday order to about six / seven working days delivery . The costs are now a more important factor as we have two additional costs which takes a pallet delivery from roughly 100 euros to about 220-250 euros at the end of new situation . While this is okay if the pallet consists of 100s of smaller items , unfortunately when its 2/4 larger pieces it has the knock on effect of increased prices for the larger items where as the small items it may be a euro added to a price 

But as always we are working on some other cost cutting exercises in our own day to day business practice to try and make sure we dont have to knock on prices to our customers. If you have any questions concerns or issues you would like to talk to us about please contact us on any of our social media channels or email .

Frank & Joanne
<![CDATA[Brexit and Covid Update]]>Sat, 16 Jan 2021 15:26:27 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/blog/brexit-and-covid-updateSo Covid has not been fun for anyone , having massive affects on Lives accross the world but also having a huge effect on the way business such as ourselves works . I wont lie , we had worried pre christmas and pre Brexit that we would be closing down TheStoreRoom , this was due to fears of Brexit and the uncertaintity that knowing nothing until literally the day before it happened was going to have huge consequences for us and our trade with the Uk . We use primarily two companies based in the EU but they ship everything through the uk to Ireland and this was were things would get tricky for most business's 

So Brexit firstly , so far we have had additional delays to begin with as a new system is put in place , weve seen a 7/8 day turn around up to 9/10 days which isnt too bad and could have been a lot worse . We have received in our first orders which was a major relief . The bottom line is going to be bad for some of the other business operating out there pre brexit as its now a requirment to purchase from these companies to have a registered Vat and EORI number . This in turn may be actually good for small legitimate business here as there may be a small amount of less competition . So far we can live with the new Brexit but we do expect prices to rise this year for several factors which brings us to our second topic - Covid from a business point of view

Covid has brought with it a huge surge in demand globably for online goods , with China and Indonesia effectively shutting down for 2 months last march / april the machine stopped . Ships stopped sailing or having full loads leaving , The supply chain Broke . This left us with what will continue to be a bad situation for the foreseable future , Demand was too high for the supply , the suppliers cannot get Containers made to carry the goods as there is a huge demand for them and a low supply as the factories try to catch up . Prices for the shipping of containers from these countries have now Tripled in price from on average 3/4000 euros for a container to over 10,000 euros each . This undoubtately will have the knock on effect of two things this year , increases in costs will leave business no choice but to pass on costs and delays and lack of stock are going to be a lot more noticeable - with less stock prices will also rise. 

As a business which started to try and bring Ethical - sustainable and recycled products to Ireland at Fair prices in comparison to some other of the big companies , we will continue to do our very best to keep stock available and our prices as fair and low as we can . Regarding stock we do advise especially with larger furniture and interiors , if something comes back into stock , the general rule is it will be available for ordering from 1-5 days after being made available again especially the popular ranges . Our business works on a on demand system , you order , we order - where as the big companies can order in bulk when things return they snap up stock which leaves us mere days to arrange our small piece of the stock pie.

We hope to continue our business during 2021 and thank you all for being our customers and friends , your custom makes a difference and keeps us going 

Frank & Joanne - TheStoreRoom.ie 
<![CDATA[All Collectibles small and large have a new home]]>Sun, 15 Nov 2020 13:24:25 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/blog/all-collectibles-small-and-large-have-a-new-homeWe have now completed the move of all cast iron signs / home bar / man cave and collectible decor to our new website http://www.collectibles.ie/  - some of the old sections have this sign in placeholder for the next while . Why did we do this ? well the main website was getting too busy and hard to find items was the main issue . 
<![CDATA[Difficult times ahead]]>Fri, 28 Aug 2020 09:00:21 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/blog/difficult-times-aheadPicture
So before all this madness began with covid , the business was relatively small , we knew most of our customers and they knew us and what we do. The past few months while positives can be taken has also brought some negatives . For those of you who don't know us , TheStoreRoom team is myself Frank and my Wife Joanne , we really tried to use the situation during covid to expose the business to larger audiences by advertising as much as we could . But advertising , is a dangerous pit with so many options and people wanting your budget , trying to get the most effective advertising for you is a mine field .

We tried google ads , we tried print media , we tried 2 social **influencers ** with very limited results , we found that the best trackable effective targeted advertising was through instagram / facebook so we ran with it . The hope was that we would ride the crest of the online surge and stay on board after the waves passed , unfortunately the waves have died and we are now left in a situation going forward of uncertainty . Its very easy to fall into the * we are doing well * bracket until your not and the accountant calls with the news of the Tax man waiting . 

On a brighter note , we continue to bring new products to the market , largely ethically sourced and we are working on a new website layout and another product launch in the next few weeks ,  and of course our end of summer stock clearance is this weekend 

​Next month brings some brilliant new collectibles which we are very excited about so stay tuned 

<![CDATA[A Break .. well .. kinda]]>Sat, 18 Jul 2020 22:53:56 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/blog/a-break-well-kindaIt now almost seems like last year when Covid began and all the lockdown happened , but as a result i've been so busy during the entirety that for me , its just been work work work . This week brings our now Annual Stock take and clean up which also brings with it the Flash sale to help clear down stock . During the next week , i will still be available by email but existing orders wont be dealt with until Friday at the earliest . All current orders that are in stock will be readied and collected monday morning and the new items arriving are due mid week but wont be processed until friday . Social media comments / queries will be caught up on , so not as responsive 

We have posts scheduled for our social medias so you will still see content and new items / stock back in and who knows i may even take a day off ! In the meantime we got some of our new Artificial flowers into the display in Watters and they really are lovely , adding a nice homely touch to the display . Our very popular Boat wood Larder is now on display as well and being Guarded well by Our knight - Fred ( fearsome name thanks to my daughter ) 
Dont forget you can get a good deal on some of the On Hand stock now in our flash sale which while says for the weekend will run into monday at some point im sure 
<![CDATA[Full Range of framed metal signs now available on our new website Collectibles.ie]]>Mon, 13 Jul 2020 21:49:24 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/blog/full-range-of-framed-metal-signs-now-available-on-our-new-website-collectiblesie
<![CDATA[Rollercoaster of covid]]>Mon, 13 Jul 2020 17:13:01 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/blog/rollercoaster-of-covidPicture
So we are now coming out the far side of what for us as an online business was the rollercoaster rise and now fall of Covid . We are very thankful for the massive increase in interest and business during lockdown and appreciate every customer and friend we've made during this time . Now we are dealing with the other side of the coin , due to a few reasons really the business is now down to a near standstill which for me ( Frank ) has been and is tough to watch

The global lockdown has been a huge factor towards this combined with the easing of restrictions and lockdown and shops re opening , I'm delighted to see many of my friends business's back open and equally worried about how this Journey is progressing for us . Its mentally taxing in different ways , during the peak over optimism suggested we might maintain the level we had reached . All we can do is continue to keep on the road and keep our goals in sight and thank everyone who has supported us .

On a Selfish note , Please , Don't forget us now that shops are open again , we are still here , still trying to offer sustainable and affordable options.

Frank & Joanne

<![CDATA[Updated Display in Watters garden centre , stabannon , ardee, co louth]]>Sat, 27 Jun 2020 13:34:00 GMThttps://thestoreroom.ie/blog/updated-display-in-watters-garden-centre-stabannon-ardee-co-louthOnce again it was time for an update to the Gin Corner set up in watters garden sheds in stabannon , The corner itself is a premade set up called the Gin Corner that they sell as a flat pack option 999 euros collected or 1200 delivered www.wattersgardensheds.ie